Highway 41 Band

Tom, Ryan, Tim and Cody

Tom, Ryan, Tim and Cody

Tom Katalin and Highway 41 is a country band from Houghton, Michigan.  The band was formed in 2017 and has fast become a regional favorite across Upper Michigan and Wisconsin.  This group of talented musicians is no stranger to the music scene.  Tom has played nationwide from Las Vegas to tiki bars in Florida to barns in Iowa and many of your favorite honkey tonks in Nashville. You can learn more about Tom on the "Solo Acoustic" tab of this website. Ryan is a multi-genre, multi-instrumentalist (guitar, bass, drums, vocals and keyboard).  Ryan has more experience than people twice his age and it shows in his strong, confident style of playing. Steve is a world class keyboard player who also plays guitar, bass, accordian and sings harmonies. And holding it all together is Tim Krause, former drummer for the rock band 906, guaranteed to put on a show you will remember.  Tom Katalin and Highway 41 are a high energy band that crank out a blend of today's top country hits, classic country tunes and everything in-between.  Put your dancin' shoes on and catch Highway 41 Live at a venue near you!!

Tom Katalin : Vocals, Guitar

Ryan Peterson:  Lead Guitar

Tim Krause:  Drums

Steve McMullin:  Keyboard Bass, Vocals